Monday, 25 January 2016

Photography Cheat Sheets

When starting out in photography it can be very daunting with all the different setting that a camera has to try and break away from 'Auto', in fact most photographers have obviously been in the same position and eventually, especially if you want to take your skills to the next level it is important to rotate that dial and step out of the comfort zone.

It is a good idea in most cases to go into 'Aperture Priority Mode' (I'm talking Nikon here as it is my primary camera) or 'Shutter Priority Mode' for a while first which is a mixture of auto and manual.

If you decide to give 'Manual' a try but unsure what settings you need to achieve a particular shot, then below is a helpful 'Cheat Sheet'.

There are many out there if you do a Google Search, covering all kinds of questions and settings. My advice is take the leap and switch out of 'Auto', you won't regret it.

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