Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Esme- Cake Smash

I recently got to shoot a Cake Smash for an adorable little girls first birthday. I first met Esme's gran, Christine who is actually a very talented Milliner (check out her Facebook page here) when I was helping my wife with her wedding fair at Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire.

I have wanted to do a proper Cake Smash for ages, done right they can look amazing and so I jumped at the chance with excitement making the creative cogs of mine & Kala's (my wife) brain kick into gear. Kala, who owns Kie Gifts & Events  (See her Facebook page here) obviously is the most creative & artistic of the two of us, although I do give some input and we always both agree on most things before they're completed.

We have a Pink girls princess throne which we decided along with Esme's mum Siobhan we would use. Siobhan was going to make the cake which was great and me and Kala, when I say We, I mean Kala 😆 would be the designer, I was to do what I do best and that is to take the pics, I was happy with that. Oh, and lug all the props, backdrop, lighting into the house, after all I can't let Kala do that can I, that would be Very ungentlemanly of me. 

Lighting up, I had a sit down and a natter to Christine & Siobhan whilst Kala got creative. It's always good to connect with clients on a friendly basis and they are both very friendly and easy to get on with. We found that out at the Wedding Fair.

The Set

Esme's older brother, 4 year old Blake was going to be in the shoot as well, he was really excited and he dressed up as Batman for the day, he looked brilliant and pulled off some wicked Batman poses, at times we thought he was the 'real deal'! 

Unfortunately Esme's dad Alex had to be away during the shoot because of work, I know he was gutted because of this but I'm sure there will be a next time, perhaps dad will dress as a super hero.

Blake, I mean 'Batman' doing his poses

Esme looked very pretty in her clothes and the colour went nicely with our theme. Her little eyes lit up when she saw the pink throne and when mum sat her on it, she looked like a princess and she knew it!. 

Mum's cake looked yummy but unfortunately we couldn't eat it as it was for the shoot. When it was put in position Esme seemed a bit cautious about it but then went up to it and very gently and princess like took a tiny bit of icing from the top and tasted it, she approved. 

She didn't dive right in but every now and then and with a little help from Batman she came and took a piece or patted the top, she was very polite & gentle with it bless her, it goes to show the kind of girl she will grow up to be I guess. 

Blake was dying to really dive into the cake but patiently waited whilst we got some good shots of his sister and him then with the help of Blake, sorry, Batman and mum they broke it up a little. We think Esme might have been a little tired but we got some amazing images and Batman got to go to town on the cake and Boyy did he! 

The family were chuffed with the final result having seen the images and we look forward to seeing them again both as friends or even for more photo-shoots.

As Christine is a Milliner I am sure we will bump into her again at a wedding fair in the future, we both look forward to that.

All the best Esme & Family


Stuart & Kala