Thursday, 14 May 2015

Aperlite YH- 500N Review

So.. recently I was asked to review a camera flash by Aperlite, the Nikon fit Aperlite YH-500N to be exact. I always fancied having a go at testing and reviewing some photography equipment so when the chance came about for this, naturally I jumped at the invite.

I waited patiently for it to be delivered by courier, which came the next day which was good.

The product was packaged well for shipment, in a sturdy brown box and protected with packaging paper.
I know it's not the most important part of the device, after all it's just a box yeah? but, I was impressed with the box that the Flash came in, it was actually a better quality than a top of the range flash would come in, more your iPhone quality box, very solid and well presented. I always believe that first impressions go a long way and it far surpassed my expectations of how this Flash would come presented to. 

Included with the flash is a flash stand which has a metal thread rather than the cheap plastic ones you see on some.

As well as tucked away nice and snug inside the excellent quality box, the flash came in a neat drawstring bag. My Nikon SB700 didn't even come with a bag :/

The flash head rotates and has the same feel as the big named pro speed lights, it doesn't have that cheap, light, cumbersome feel to it that you might expect from a reasonably low priced flash/speed light at all.

It has a bounce card that can be pulled out and slides back in after use which is a great feature that some cheap flashes don't have.

The LCD is illuminated so you can see the settings in poor lighting

and also has a slave lead socket

The flash is set on TTL when you initially switch it on. This can easily be changed by using the mode buttons that are set out and easy to get around, pressing the mode button moves you through TTL, M (Manual) Stroboflash, S1 and S2.

I'm not going to go into all the technical aspects of the Aperlite YH- 500N but it certainly performs on par with my expensive Nikon SB700. For someone who is just starting out and saving money is their priority initially, then this is most definitely the best choice. It's an excellent piece of important equipment for anyone's kitbag at a really competitive price. I would recommend this product to anyone. 

Click on this link to buy the Aperlite YH- 500N