Friday, 18 December 2015

Isabelle & Harry

I recently did a Baby Bump Photo-Shoot for a gorgeous young couple, Isabelle & Harry. What's even more exciting is I am doing their 'new-born baby' photo-shoot for them as well.

As per usual my glamorous assistant Kala (my wife) came along to the shoot. As well as assisting in the technical aspect of the shoots and also might I add taking photo's as well (not on this occasion) she has a good eye for detail, where I might miss something Kala will point it out and either adjust a models position or straighten/ruffle a piece of clothing.

 I think it's very important, no matter what type of shoot I'm doing is to have some input from the client before the shoot on what they want to achieve, what type of shots they want, using ideas from Pinterest when possible.

The shoot went very smoothly and both Isabelle & Harry were great to work with and patient with me and Kala, it's not always easy for people to take direction over and over again, they did it perfectly, as you can see in the photo's, they are both naturals in front of the camera.

'Baby Beck' is due very close to xmas day so for Isabelle & Harry and the rest of their families, this year is going to be a very special one indeed, everyone putting bets on whether it's going to be a Boy or a Girl.

Me and Kala are sure that no matter what sex the baby is, they will both make fantastic parents and have an amazing future together and 'Baby Beck' will be pampered and spoilt rotten by both them and the two grandmothers.


A Merry Christmas Isabelle, Harry & 'Bump' and to the rest of the family on both sides.. Oh and to whoever is reading.
All the best for 2016

Stuart & Kala