Saturday, 31 October 2015

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Are you getting married in March or April 2016?

I'm looking for couples that are planning a wedding for March or April 2016. I want quirky, creative and unusual ideas. The more creative, the better. 

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The winner will be picked on the 31st November 2015.

Good luck. 

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Wedding Photography trends for 2016

5 Top Wedding Photography 

Trends for 2016

1: Shooting the Proposal

Some 'on the ball' grooms (and Brides might I add) are hiring photographers to shoot and document their proposal, by that I mean the actual proposal and not a 'Pre-Wedding shoot' so that amazing moment can be remembered for years to come by you and your family & friends. 

This trend is growing quickly and it's an excellent idea to compliment your 'Big Reveal' to your potential bride/groom.

2: Bridal Portraits

Brides are booking Bridal Portrait sessions in their dresses before the wedding day or an allotting time on the day of their wedding to take formal portraits of themselves.  Another trend is Formal couple portraits, either traditional posed or fun shots.

3: Backlit Shots

By using the natural light behind the couple creates stunningly romantic images. To achieve this look, you shoot when the sun is setting or rising -- when the light is soft and warm, which flatters the subject, resulting in WOW shots that have a romantic feel which are perfect for wedding shots.


4: Being a bit more Arty

Everyone has a camera nowadays on their phone and most people take a couple of snaps a day.
So to impress your clients and look like the Pro that you are, you need to be producing the kind of creative effects that people just can’t get on their phone, or via the Auto settings on their main camera, this is the edge that a Pro Photographer and his camera has against the phone camera, disposable camera or small digital.
This could include panning/motion blur on children running around, or a long exposure as the bride throws her bouquet in the air. 
Obviously you must be absolutely sure you can pull the effect off, and be prepared to use a tripod if you have to drop the shutter speed.
Get a sense of the couple too. More bohemian types will properly appreciate arty shots more.
The last thing you want is somebody complaining about your panning shot as the background is out of focus, although blurred panning images and cropped half face images are popular amongst photographers and arty types, it isn't for everyone.


5: Tilt-Shift Shots

Achieving a hazy, deliberately abstract look for both wide and detail shots, from wedding portraits to still life's to ceremony overviews.


Thursday, 22 October 2015

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