Sunday, 7 December 2014

Thinking about your first camera - Does it have to be an expensive one?

It is extremely easy for budding photographers to produce excellent images these days with just a basic digital camera or even a camera on their mobile phone since the average decent mobile phone has at least 6 megapixels (MP).

Look back at around 1999 when the average digital camera had less than 2 MP, which wouldn't have even been enough pixels if you needed to produce a print ready image that filled an A4 page. 

These days however some compact cameras boast as many as 16 MP, while you can get more than 24 MP on an SLR. 

Some mobile phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a 13 MP camera and the Galaxy S5 offers a 16 MP. The Sony Xperia Z2 on the other hand offers a 20.7 MP camera. Most of the phone cameras offer alot of built in camera functions as well enabling the user to take custom photo's in various moods, tones, textures and themes. 

Macro (close up) of a park bench, taken with 4MP HTC One M8.
The picture above was taken with my HTC One M8 which only has a 4 MP camera and considering this it doesn't take a bad picture at all, even close up (macro).
 This image was the same bench taken in portrait view in
 monochrome (B&W) and a slight vignetting on the edges.

This image was taken with the same camera in panaramic view on a nice day 
and is just a natural shot with no editing.

Taken with the same phone, same day. Portrait view in 

The above images are not amazing but are decent, they look good in Social Media view on web pages and these were achieved on a 4 MP camera phone. If you have a mobile phone with higher than 4 MP then you are equipped to get out there and start getting some great shots. 
Alternatively you could buy a cheap digital camera, you can buy them nowadays for between £50 - £100 and will give you some fantastic results.


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